Why you can’t buy quality CBD on Amazon?

Amazon might be taking over the world, or at least your cupboards and closets, but what people don’t realize is that not everything you buy on Amazon is the highest quality or even what you think you’re buying when it comes to CBD or cannabidiol.

Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, it’s now legal to grow hemp for industrial use. This bill paved the way for CBD to hit the market in full force. What was once thought of as an illicit drug now became mainstream. But there are different kinds of CBD, and when the label says “hemp,” it may not be CBD. The first step in understanding why you can’t buy quality CBD on Amazon is to review Amazon’s CBD policies.

What are Amazon’s CBD Policies?

When you get into the nitty-gritty of Amazon’s CBD policy, it comes down to one main thing— illicit drug classification. Even though the 2018 Farm Bill made “hemp” legal to grow for industrial use, the federal government still classifies cannabis (where hemp and CBD come from) as a Schedule 1 drug like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana.

Now CBD doesn’t have psychoactive effects like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana do, but it belongs to the same category as a prohibited drug. The loop hole on Amazon is that it allows the sale of hemp seed oil, but it has seller restrictions. It can only contain trace amounts of THC and CBD, not enough to create a high or break any laws in the places where cannabis is still illegal.

What’s the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

Hemp extract and CBD oil both come cannabis sativa plants, but hemp oil comes from the seeds and stalks, not the entire plant. Hemp seeds aren’t rich in CBD. Pure CBD oil comes primarily from the flowers of the cannabis plant. Products claiming to have CBD may only contain trace amounts, so it’s essential to check the label. 

Also, CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD are different too. CBD isolate is a process where the CBD compound is “isolated” from the rest of the plant’s properties. It doesn’t use the entire plant’s compounds in the formula as full-spectrum CBD does. On Amazon, if the product claims to be CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD, it usually isn’t the real deal because you can’t sell CBD on Amazon.

Can you buy fake CBD products on Amazon?

You can definitely buy fake CBD products on Amazon. Amazon has security measures in place to control the quality of products and to back up claims, but since the platform relies on 3rd party sellers fake CBD is possible.

Since the sale of CBD is prohibited on Amazon any product claiming to be CBD is fake. Hemp extract is healthy and does provide possible therapeutic benefits but uses the seeds and stalks, not the flowers, so it can’t contain CBD.

You also have to watch out for fake sellers offering CBD or hemp extract from a reputable company. You believe you’re buying a particular brand, and when the package arrives, it’s not the same as expected, or the quality is much lower than before. Sometimes this indicates it’s fake.

Why does CBD come up when you search on Amazon?

When you search for CBD on Amazon, it works much in the same way as a search engine like Google or Pinterest. It not only seeks product information but reviews. Since some buyers believe hemp extract is CBD extract, they might write CBD in the reviews. Once this happens, Amazon shows you relevant products. But when you look at the label, there’s no mention of the amount CBD but rather it contains hemp.

Also, next to the reviews that mention the CBD, you’ll find another verified buyer that states it isn’t CBD. For those not familiar with the difference between CBD and hemp, this might be the first clue the CBD product isn’t everything you think, or it claims to be.

Why are the amounts for hemp extract much higher than CBD on Amazon?

Hemp tinctures come in much higher amounts than CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD oil. Hemp seed is cheaper to produce and comes in larger quantities. The quantity of the supposed CBD is also another indicator the product is really hemp extract only.

Another indicator that it’s a shady vendor is the claim each ounce comes packed with 10,000 to 50,000 of CBD for rock bottom prices. People figure it’s worth the cost to see if it works. Since people generally feel better when taking hemp, they might believe the false claims.

Can you find the best prices for CBD products on Amazon?

The prices for CBD on Amazon might seem cheaper at first. You can find what you believe is CBD for far less than what’s on other sites. The difference can seem startling, and you may think it’s the power of the marketplace, but since any Amazon product claiming to be CBD even by the reviewers, is hemp extract due to Amazon’s rules on illicit drugs, you aren’t getting a deal.

Also, even if you’re looking for hemp extract, you may not find the best deal on Amazon. It’s always worth it to look at the brand website to see what deals they have at the time. Regularly, you’ll find the company offers you the same discount as Amazon to encourage you to purchase the CBD from their site.

Amazon charges a fee to all sellers, and when you buy directly from the CBD company, you may receive a more significant discount. Another consideration is that pure CBD is more expensive than hemp, but you need a much lower dose so you usually have to pay more for pure CBD. 

When it comes to buying CBD on Amazon, it isn’t possible to purchase quality CBD. It’s better to buy directly from the brand website or from a seller that can sell real CBD. While hemp extract has therapeutic benefits, CBD is far superior, and when it comes to your health, you want the best.

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