Is CBD safe for pets?

When it comes to your pets, you want what’s best for your furry friends. And sometimes what’s good for humans is suitable for pets too. One of those things is CBD or cannabidiol. Although like all good things, you may have questions about what is CBD, is it safe, and what’s the safest CBD dosage?

All of these concerns are understandable, considering the love you have for your pets. This guide will explore the safety of CBD and provide the reassurance and knowledge you need to purchase the best CBD for your pets.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant. While most people associate cannabis with marijuana, what they don’t know is that there are different varieties of cannabis, including hemp and marijuana.

Marijuana contains different compounds, but the two main ones are CBD and THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Both have medical and recreational uses, but the main difference is that CBD is non-psychoactive.

THC, on the other hand, gives you the high-like effect associated with marijuana. The amount of THC and type of strain deepens or extends the euphoria. With all the different strains on the market now, you can find one to fit any criteria, but you need to be aware that hemp is different than THC.

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Hemp doesn’t make you high, and marijuana does. You can find CBD in both hemp and marijuana, but when it comes from hemp, you have nothing to worry about in terms of experiencing stoned-like effects.

CBD provides health benefits without the high. It’s concentrated mostly in the flowers of the plant and comes in CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD. You can find hybrid products that mix different cannabis strains and will have various concentrations of CBD and THC.

It’s also common for CBD to come infused with essential oils. Common ones include lavender for relaxation or bergamot for anxiety. CBD also has terpenes or natural chemicals responsible for flavors, aromas, and colors. All of which make up the taste and effectiveness of the CBD.

What are the CBD health benefits for pets?

Research regarding the CBD health benefits for pets is still in its early stages. Up until a few years ago, cannabis was illegal in every state, but as weed and CBD have gained acceptance and legal status, some studies are showing that CBD has helped dogs with different health conditions, including:

●      Epilepsy

●      Cancer

●      Nausea

●      Arthritis

●      Osteoarthritis

●      Decreased appetite

●      Inflammation

●      Depression

In addition to some research, lots of anecdotal evidence and testimonials from pet owners claim that CBD works. While this may not be scientific, you can’t discount first-hand accounts of the benefits. Of course, the dose and purity of the CBD derivative matters.

Is CBD safe for pets?

As with any supplement, you need to be aware of any possible adverse effects. Since CBD and pet research is still in its early stages, a definite scientific answer isn’t available at this time. Yet many veterinarians and pet owners turn to CBD to help ease painful and chronic health conditions.

Pet owners need to be aware that the quality of CBD varies and to follow dosage instructions carefully. Also, CBD products may have other ingredients not listed on the label, making it toxic for animals. Essential oils for humans may bring on relaxation, but for cats and dogs could cause serious problems. 

One way to ensure the quality of the CBD is to look for a certificate of analysis. This certification provides a detailed account of what’s in the CBD. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re giving only CBD to your four-legged companion.

How is CBD given to pets?

CBD for humans and pets comes in different forms. You can find CBD capsules, tinctures or oils, creams, and edibles. Each consumption method has various effects on the body. CBD oils tend to stay in the bloodstream longer while edibles and capsules take longer to feel the full effect.

Like humans, cats and dogs respond differently, so finding the right one for your pet may take some trial and error. Regardless, start slow and remember to follow the dosage instructions.

How does CBD work in pets?

Humans and pets both have the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis research revealed this unknown system, and the discovery led to further research into cannabinoids like CBD. The 

Endocannabinoid system helps regulate many essential bodily functions. Researchers know that the endocannabinoid system has receptors that connect with cannabinoids. Receptors are everywhere in the body, including the brain and immune system. When a pet takes CBD, the cannabinoid connects with these receptors to help balance mood, emotions, and other critical functions.

However, does CBD interact in the same way that it does in animals as it does in humans? More research needs to be done, but scientists do know that dogs have more CBD receptors in their bodies than humans. As of right now, scientists aren’t sure what that means, but the constant testimonials from pet owners giving CBD to their pets indicate that CBD is helpful.

Is CBD legal for pets?

Since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp became legal. Hemp is a cannabis variety that’s not psychoactive. CBD from the hemp plant is permitted; however, cannabis in any type still has a Class I drug classification by the FDA, which includes drugs like cocaine and heroin too. But all states can sell CBD legally for humans or pets. Hopefully, cannabis won’t be considered a Class I drug long term. 

The question of whether CBD is safe for pets isn’t an easy one to answer. If you go by pet owner testimonials and anecdotes, then its safety is apparent. Some research shows it’s helpful to ease health conditions, and others show some toxicity. Regardless, research hasn’t revealed the answer yet. In the meantime, choose a CBD product you trust with only CBD as the ingredient and follow the dosage instructions.

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