How to Know Which CBD Product is Right For You?

How to Know Which CBD Product is Right For You?

When it comes to choosing the perfect CBD product, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. You can purchase it in a CBD tincture, inside an edible like gummies, or even pop a capsule before bed. CBD is a versatile product, and since it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, it won’t impair you from driving or working. But there are some key factors to consider before choosing the right cannabidiol for you. This article will help you determine what kind of CBD you need, what’s the correct dosage, and other essential factors.

Full Spectrum Vs. CBD Isolate

One consideration is whether you use a full-spectrum CBD product or a CBD isolate. Full-spectrum CBD includes all the active compounds in the cannabis plant, including THC. Although the amount is miniscule. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids and come from the plant family Cannabis sativa, but THC is psychoactive while CBD doesn’t get you high.

CBD isolate is CBD by itself without any of the other active compounds in the plant. There are over 100 known active compounds in cannabis, and some research shows that consuming full-spectrum CBD provides more health benefits, resulting in the entourage effect. One benefit of taking a CBD isolate is that you don’t have to worry about having any trace amounts of THC. For some, an isolate works better than a full spectrum.

Purpose of Taking CBD

People take CBD for many different reasons. Probably, the most common reason is to help with sleep or anxiety. Preliminary research and anecdotal evidence show its therapeutic benefits are non-addictive and help with everything from depression to chronic pain.

When you purchase CBD products, ask yourself, why are you taking it? If you’re taking it for sleep, perhaps you’ll want full-spectrum with lavender essential oil. Or if you know you’ll want to dab some throughout the day to relieve anxiety, maybe a CBD cream or gel is the answer.

Dosage Strength

Like with any supplement you ingest, you need to think about dosage strength. It’s essential to start with a smaller dose and build up from there. It also can take a few days before it’s clear if the CBD strength is right for you. While the adverse side effects for CBD are minimal, if you do experience headaches, nausea, or diarrhea, you might need to decrease the strength.

Starting with CBD oils is a smart way to begin because you can control the amount with the provided dropper. Most people start with one full dropper and work up from there.

Consumption Method

CBD is extremely popular, giving you many different consumption choices. Choosing the best one for yourself might require trying various CBD products. Also, you might prefer to swallow pills or enjoy a sweet gummy every now and again.

CBD Oils

CBD tinctures are probably the most common way to try CBD. It’s also easier to control the dosage by increasing or decreasing amounts as you experiment with what’s right for your body. You can  find CBD oils infused with lavender to help you get your zzzs or even citrus fruits like grapefruit and orange to energize you throughout the day.

Full-spectrum CBD oils have a strong flavor, so for some who don’t covet the taste, they might not be right for you. But even if the flavor doesn’t rock your taste buds, adding some under your tongue only takes seconds and it enters your bloodstream faster than other methods.

CBD Capsules

Another popular way to take advantage of CBD health benefits is to pop a capsule one hour before bed or if you’re taking CBD throughout the day, then on the go. CBD capsules take longer to enter the bloodstream, due to having to navigate the digestion system first. Consuming CBD this way takes longer to feel the effects, but in the end, it has the same peaceful sensation on your endocannabinoid system and body.

CBD Edibles

Gummy bears or edibles make taking CBD fun. But you better be careful, or you might enjoy them a little too much. I mean, can you only eat one gummy bear? The other consideration of chewing on a CBD edible is how much sugar is in it? While one gummy bear might have a small amount, this might be a more significant concern with someone battling diabetes.

But if you do decide to chew on a gummy, they come in many different flavors, and you’ll be able to find one to satisfy your palate. Plus, you get to have dessert with a splash of healthy CBD.

CBD Recipes

Cooking with CBD has become popular. Right now, you can find some great CBD recipes that are easy to make in less than 30 minutes. Since CBD can have some flavor, it might be better to cook with CBD isolate, which is tasteless. Also, CBD doesn’t like to be heated up, so adding it to the end of marinades or dressings is a good choice. Baking at low temperatures is something to consider as well. But if you do bake, everything goes with chocolate and this even more true for CBD.


While you can buy high-quality CBD isolate, some may want to consider CBD with THC. You can find pure CBD with a 2:1 dosage. Usually, this means 10 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC. Consuming THC at such a low level gives you a subtle high-like effect without it being overwhelming. Many people believe THC and CBD work best together. Others may not like the buzz like sensation and prefer to stick with a pure CBD isolate.

Finding the right CBD product for you is easy when you keep the following in mind. Make sure you choose one that will help you with your health concerns, find the right dose for your body, and consider your consumption method. Once all these factors are in place, you’ll be able to take advantage of all CBD has to offer and more.

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