How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Ever since cannabidiol hit mainstream, everyone is wondering how does CBD make you feel? Does it get you high? Does taking CBD cure all your ailments? The answer isn’t as simple as you think. In this article, we are going to look at how CBD feels based on research and anecdotal evidence.

Since CBD comes in different forms and doses, people have different experiences. How it makes you feel depends on various factors.  First, let’s go over what it does and doesn’t do.

CBD Makes You Feel Relaxed

People take CBD for many reasons, and one of them being anxiety or depression. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBD helps provide a sense of peace for users. Your body has CB1 and CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Natural compounds like CBD connect with the receptors to help balance out moods, emotions, and bodily functions. When your body is imbalanced, it’s CBD’s job is to help encourage homeostasis.

CBD Has Few Side Effects

Big pharmaceutical prescription medications treating anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns can have serious long-term side effects. CBD is a natural compound found organically in cannabis plants and research shows minimal side effects for the user. One study reported that the control subjects reported some cases of lethargy and diarrhea. But overall CBD is considered safe and effective to use without a prescription.

CBD Doesn’t Get You High

Adding daily CBD into your diet won’t actually make you feel high. Most people assume because THC and CBD both come from cannabis plants that it will get you stoned. Cannabis plants have over 100 compounds in the flowers and stems.

Two common ones are THC and CBD. Both are used in medical marijuana, but only THC has psychoactive effects. CBD comes from manufactured hemp and is sometimes called hemp oil or CBD hemp oil. Although hemp oil is made from the stems of the plant and has very low CBD. If it says hemp extract, higher levels of CBD are usually present.

You Won’t Feel CBD Right Away

Some people assume that once you take CBD that the result is immediate. Depending on the method of consumption the effects of CBD can take 15 to 90 minutes. And since CBD doesn’t produce a noticeable-like high than you might not feel much at all. For those looking for sleeping pills or quick pain relief, CBD takes time to enter your body’s system.

CBD Doesn’t Make You Sleepy

One of the most common reasons people take CBD is to relieve symptoms of insomnia. Sleep disorders affect millions of people and could mean you have a hard time falling asleep or wake up mid sleep cycle and can’t fall back to sleep. CBD works with the body’s Endocannabinoid System to help relax and relieve stress. Taking CBD won’t knock you out or have you immediately fall into a deep slumber. It lulls your mind and body into peaceful relaxation and then sleep follows.

Now that we know what CBD does and doesn’t make you feel let’s look at the different product choice, doses, and ingredients; all of which could have an effect on how they make you feel.

CBD Products

As CBD gained in popularity, so did the availability and methods of consumption. People can purchase cannabidiol in the following forms:

●      CBD gummies

●      CBD oils

●      CBD vape

●      CBD edibles

●      CBD cream

●      CBD tinctures

●      CBD capsules

Each method of consumption produces different effects of CBD for the user. If you’re in chronic pain, taking CBD oil or applying a topical cream might be the answer. Your skin has receptors that distribute the cannabidiol through the affected area and then into the Endocannabinoid System. This method takes a little longer for the effects to be felt.

However, if you’re looking for a more immediate outcome, then CBD vape oil is much quicker. Vape juice enters the lungs and then the bloodstream immediately. Applying a few CBD drops under the tongue is another quick intake method. CBD capsules for sleep tend to take longer to expand throughout the body thoroughly. How long the dose last depends on the amount received.

CBD Dose

CBD effects depend on the strength of the dose. More research needs to be done on what are the optimal dosages for men and women. Generally, a low dose of CBD would be 25 – 100 mg. But you could take more than one dose a day. Since there are minimal side effects, the amount can vary. But remember to follow the instructions on the label and consult with a qualified medical professional if needed.

Body Composition

Another factor determining CBD outcomes is body composition. Men tend to process alcohol and medications faster because they generally have less body fat. More body fat slows down the digestion process and reaches the bloodstream slower. Although how you take CBD will matter in terms of how fast the effects can be felt regardless of gender. Your body’s personal hormonal chemistry determines CBD outcomes as well.

Pure CBD or Added THC

When you’re first purchasing CBD knowing what to look for is difficult. Some CBD products are pure CBD with few added ingredients. And others combine CBD with THC. The full-spectrum or whole body approach believes that to truly benefit from medical marijuana you need to use the entire plant and all its compounds. Marijuana is now legal recreationally and medically in 10 states, and more will follow. Some people respond better to CBD and THC together rather than isolated.

Common CBD Ingredients

Quality CBD comes infused with other natural oils. Common choices include coconut oil, olive oil, and lavender oil. You might be wondering why CBD is cut with other oils. For the body to take complete advantage of CBD, it needs to be diluted with essential oils. Different oils produce different experiences for the user.

Now that you know how CBD makes you feel, you might be wondering what the healthful benefits are. CBD helps relieve everything from chronic pain to insomnia. It might not be the secret to life, but it just might help you get the rest you deserve.

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