CBD Skin Benefits

When it comes to having beautiful skin, there’s no easy answer. Your skin is the largest external organ in your body, and while it helps protect you from free radicals and other harmful particles, it’s also sensitive and needs love and nourishment. Since the explosion of the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD), you can find it almost every skin product from chapstick to moisturizer. It’s lovely healing properties backed up by countless testimonials and anecdotes. 

But what are those CBD skin benefits, and which ones are right for me? This article explores CBD skin benefits to help you make the best choice for your skin.

CBD Oil for Acne

If you’ve ever had to live with daily acne, you know how the skin condition affects not only your skin but also your self-worth. While acne is typically thought of as a teenager condition, children and adults suffer from oily acne-prone skin too.

Acne is an inflammatory condition causing your skin to swell. Studies show that CBD helps to ease inflammation, among other symptoms. It can decrease breakouts and reduce redness associated with acne. Other studies show that CBD may decrease oily residue.

When you have oily skin, choosing the right moisturizer is vital. Why not choose one with CBD to reduce oil, ease inflammation, and eliminate redness.

CBD Oil for Anti-aging and Wrinkles

Botox and plastic surgery are expensive procedures with possible painful side effects. Still, men and women spend countless amounts of money and time on these procedures when CBD has clear anti-aging benefits. Now, who doesn’t want fewer wrinkles without worry?

Some studies show that CBD can reverse the signs of aging, resulting in vibrant skin. CBD has an antioxidant effect that fights the free radicals attacking your skin every day. Aging is a biological fact that no one can escape from, but CBD may slow down the aging process and help you look and feel much younger.

CBD Oil for Eczema

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a skin condition affecting both children and adults. While the exact cause of eczema varies from person to person, it’s not only painful but affects your mood and overall sense of well-being.

Eczema flare-ups cause the skin to become red, inflamed, and scaly. The itchy rash can cover any part of the body, including the face and hands. Skin sensitivities and allergies are common reasons for eczema flare-ups.

CBD helps ease eczema with its skin-calming attributes and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying the CBD to the affected area helps reduce the itch and soothes the skin. For eczema, it’s better to start with a small amount and add more as needed.

CBD Oil for Sensitive Skin

When you look at the back of any facial moisturizer or body lotion, it’s hard to recognize most of the skincare ingredients. Between the fine print and long list, you give up trying to decipher what’s actually in your lotion. For the most part, all of those ingredients aren’t going to harm your skin, but if you have sensitive skin, then you have to be careful what you apply.

CBD isn’t typically a skincare product, but it has therapeutic skin effects helping to ease inflammation, add moisture, and generally give you a sense of well-being. It’s the perfect ingredient for sensitive skin.

CBD Oil for Dry Skin

It’s normal for your skin to become dry and flaky sometimes. The condition caused by the weather, too much sun, or being prone to dry skin. Suffering from dry skin is uncomfortable and may make you look older. Dermatologists even say that applying lotion may further dry the skin out because you’re taking away the skin’s natural ability to produce natural oils that keep the skin moisturized.

CBD tinctures, when topically applied to dry skin, help rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the body to find homeostasis or balance. Science shows that CBD has incredible skin-healing powers.

Will CBD skin care products get me high?

CBD is slowly becoming a household name, but most people might not be aware of where the compound comes from in the first place. CBD is one of the primary chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis comes in two main varieties— hemp and marijuana.

The hemp plant is where CBD-derived products come from when you purchase them online or in stores. The reason is that hemp is not psychoactive like marijuana. When you buy CBD products in any form from CBD tinctures to CBD tablets, there’s not the euphoria or high-like effect that you get from weed.

It’s illegal for CBD products to contain more than .03> trace amounts of THC, the compound that does get you high. So you can rest assured that if you apply CBD for any skin condition, you can drive a car, operate heavy machinery, and don’t have to worry about being arrested.

What should I look for in a CBD skin care product?

CBD skin care products come in many forms and at different price points. It can be hard to tell the effectiveness until you try it for yourself. But when it comes to choosing CBD, you want to make sure you’re actually buying CBD. For example, CBD on Amazon isn’t good quality CBD because online Amazon sellers can only offer hemp seed extract. CBD is primarily found in the flowers of the plant instead of in the seeds.

Look at the label on the CBD product to verify it says CBD, not hemp seed oil or equivalent. Also, cheaper is not better. The process of extracting CBD from the plant is costlier, making pure CBD more expensive.

Another consideration is whether you want a CBD isolate or broad/full-spectrum CBD. The isolate is only CBD will full spectrum uses the entire plant’s compounds in its healing endeavors. Different connoisseurs have different opinions about what’s better.

CBD is a natural compound found in the body, and one proven to help with skincare conditions. You only need a small amount to help ease eczema, add moisture, and improve your youthful appearance. Once you try it, you’ll love the clear CBD skin benefits.

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